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About James Linwood Schulman

I’m a dad, a husband, and a small business owner.

When my wife, Kristin, and I were deciding where we should start our business, we looked at three cities: Boulder, New York City, and Miami. We weighed each option based on which offered the most nuturing environment for small businesses. Miami was a no-brainer; the small business community was thriving and, most importantly, welcoming.

Today, I still believe it’s honestly the best place in the country to start a company. But it’s not yet the best place to grow a business.

Additionally, Florida has a lot to offer its residents. It’s a stunning state that boasts the best of all worlds: community, culture, outstanding higher education programs, and world-famous beaches. But there’s still so much work to be done. Florida has the opportunity to become a leader in our country’s ongoing search for progress. We can do MORE for our communities, our families, our businesses, our children and our environment.

That’s what I want to grow, and here’s where I want to start:

  • Give our public schools the support they need to thrive
  • Create opportunities for our business community to grow
  • Protect our environment and leave it better than we found it


Elections Countdown 

The Democratic primary for the 2018 election is on August 28th, 2018. But it’s not like we’re already counting down the days or anything.

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Our Policies

We want to bring common sense back to Tallahassee. Nothing more, nothing less.


We need to get government out of the classroom and let our teachers teach. Our kids deserve it. We should start by getting rid of standardized tests like the FSA.


Criminal Justice

Our residents need to be provided with support and tools to re-enter our society after incarceration. As a country, we are all teammates – we can only succeed if we succeed together.


We need to not only make it easy for entrepreneurs to start businesses, but we need to provide the opportunity for them to grow. It starts with raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.


No family should have to worry about being able to pay a bill after seeking medical treatment. No parent, child, sibling or partner should ever have to weigh options when it comes to a loved one’s health. This is why I want to turn Medicaid into a Public Option.


We need to protect our coastline from rising seas and safeguard our drinking water. Here’s how we start.



We need a level playing field where the true costs for all fuels are out in the open. It’s time we were a state that operated in transparency and authenticity.


Our Goals

 Progress will not be accomplished overnight,
but we can take the first step and bring it closer when we use a little common sense.

As a parent, it’s vital to me that my kids have access to an outstanding education. All parents, and all children, deserve that much from their community. As a product of public education, I believe in its merits and its ability to shape and prepare students for college and their careers.

Currently in Florida, many teachers acknowledge that they are spending 25% of their instructional time prepping for the FCAT or the FSA. That’s time that could be spent on our students and on their actual subject matter.

By doing away with the FCAT and the FSA, we can give our teachers the opportunity to focus on teaching their subject plans, and we’ll be giving our students a leg-up on their future.

Criminal Justice

If Florida were a nation, we’d be in the G-20. We have the opportunity to become a true, global, economic leader. There are simple, common sense solutions that we can take to improve our economy, enhance opportunities for small business, and grow jobs.


It’s time we start investing our resources in ideas that work, like the Florida Growth Fund. Our economy cannot grow simply by offering tax breaks as incentives to lure companies to Florida. It’s not enough.

We need to cultivate new opportunities for businesses to thrive throughout the state. We need to give them the tools to not only to open their doors in Florida, but to expand, grow and hire more team members.

And, as a rising tide raises all boats, we need give our families more working hours and higher wages for their time worked. That’s why I’m behind raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.





Our District

District 115 starts up north in Doral and runs through Fountainbleau, Miami, Westchester,
Glenvar Heights, Kendall, Pinecrest, and Palmetto Bay.
You can find which district you are in here.


Florida House District 115



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The Minimum Wage Has Not Gone Up With Inflation for the Past 50 Years

The most recent economic numbers just came in from the Labor Department, and on paper it looks pretty good. The jobless rate just fell below under 4% for the first time since 2000; we’ve now had 91 months straight of job growth (thanks Obama). But the problem isn’t about the number of jo

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